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"Best Remodeling Contractors In Lincoln Nebraska"

     Jon Clayton Construction and Remodeling is a leader in Home Remodeling in Lincoln, Ne. and the surrounding areas. Transform the look of your home with our Remodeling Services. Get A Free Estimate. We will develop a plan to remodel your Kitchen, Basement, or Bath  at a price you can afford.

Kitchen with Marble Island

Full Kitchen Remodels

  • Remove or add walls

  • Create openings

  • Custom Cabinet/counter 

  • replace appliances

  • install custom Flooring

  • Create a new lighting scheme

  • Create a kitchen island

  • endless possibility's

White Bathroom


Bring life back into the bath 

expand walls

create custom shower

install his/her sinks

Basement framing with insulation and vapor barrier.

Basement Remodels

Turn your dingy basement into rentable space

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