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Roof framing

Home Renovation Contractor in Lincoln Nebraska

IJon Clayton Construction and Remodeling LLC is a Lincoln, NE contractor specializing in  kitchen/bath/basement remodels, windows and door replacement, and flooring. If you have a question let us know by filling out the submission form at the bottom of our home page. Free estimates.


And Answers

Can you install custom cabinets and countertops for my house?

Absolutely, I have installed numerous varieties of cabinets and countertops. Weather its a new countertop or resurfacing the existing one, I will provide the highest quality services.

What kind of windows do you install? 

I can install any window you decide to put in the opening. When it comes to windows and doors their are many brands on the market. I will work with you to choose the most efficient window for your budget. I know the ins and out of every style of window and will help lead you to the right choices. 

Can you lay new flooring over existing floor surface?

In most cases yes, their are many product that will lay over your existing flooring. However in some cases the subfloor may be damaged or existing flooring might protrude. I will replace or repair problem surface so that you are left with a flawless finished product.

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